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Mediation is a tremendously helpful and confidential process where a skilled and certified mediator helps parties have difficult discussions and work towards a common ground that brings resolution which meets all parties’ interests. Mediation can be voluntary (a simpler and often less expensive option than taking the case to trial), contractual, or court ordered.


If both parties can agree, they may choose their own mediator to listen to both sides of the case and guide the parties to a fair solution that respects North Carolina laws. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator, a judge may choose one for them. With today's technology, many mediations take place virtually, making this an often easier solution than appearing in court.

Rebecca Britton: Insightful & Empathetic Mediator

Attorney Rebecca Britton is a trained and certified mediator with more than 30 years of hands-on practice litigating and trying personal injury and wrongful death cases. She has significant experience representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice, auto torts, and other negligence based claims involving personal injury and wrongful death. This litigation and jury trial experience and insight are helpful to all parties, including their attorneys and carriers in assessing the costs and risks of trial.

Rebecca Britton is Of Counsel with Maginnis Howard (formerly, Britton Law).

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