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Why Mediation?

Rules implementing Statewide Mediated Settlement Conferences in Superior Court Civil Actions were first adopted by the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1991. A Mediated Settlement Conference is designed to offer parties, with the help of their attorneys and a certified mediator, the support they need to settle their cases. Mediation is an opportunity to sit down together to discuss the matters in dispute and try to resolve them.  




TO LISTEN  and to come to an agreement without the cost, risk and difficult process of litigation and trial. This is the time to keep an open mind and hear out the perspective of each party to the litigation.


TO HAVE CONTROL over the outcome of your case. Once in court there are many things that we have no control over. Judges make rulings which may or may not be favorable to you.  Witnesses may be helpful or not. Trial expenses can be significant. In the end, jurors make the final decisions for you.

Learn more about mediated settlement conferences by clicking the image.

Both English and Spanish versions are available.

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